Bloody Face (Friday the 13th)

Well they got the matchete there, not sure the blonde haired Quasimodo guy could wear a hockey mask without breaking his nose.

The Gold Man (Lode Runner)

I gather this particular version of Lode Runner features a racially correct beheaded The Three Stooges arguing?

Blood House (The Rocky Horror Picture Show)

Ah yes, the infamous RHPS game where you’re a short black clad thief going around a castle where a naked woman hides behind a stereoscopic poster.

Ponzie (Jet Set Willy II)

Apparently you’re not supposed to ask Ponzie if he has anything to do with the Jet Set Willy game cause he is as confused as us.

Blades / Swordmen (Highlander)

The Blades image naturally refers to the Highlander 2 sequel and the aliens from the planet Zeiss. The other picture shows an old Sean Connery going against Cristopher Lambert.

Nestore (Nemesis the Warlock)

To be fair, Nestore surely fits the guy better as name, rather than Nemesis. Not sure the medieval armor is a good choice though…

Igor (Quasimodo)

I used to play this game and, while the basic “defend the tower” concept shown here reflects what goes on, I surely don’t remember Quasimodo pissing on the guards. But maybe I hadn’t configured the keyboard correctly.

Clan (Pac-land)

A naked human Pacman with canines and shoes is going after Gaspare the chubby ghost. Yes, what else?

Baby I Kill U (Jack the Nipper)

After playing pranks on his family, at the end of the game Jack the Nipper decided to take up military duty, while naked of course. He was last seen fighting in the Angolan jungle. Honor and glory to him.

Sproing (Fruity)

I am not sure what is going on in these two pictures and why an harmless game like Fruity should be associated with these images. After careful consideration, I am pretty sure I don’t want to know.